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    Hotel Almira ELYU

    Cozy, Stylish and Affordable Rooms from PHP 1,000 / night.

    From the wall colours, the light effects, drop ceilings, stylish contemporary decor. It is an original benchmark of style and character for the most demanding and sophisticated travelers.

  • Location

    Easy access to all attractions in SFLU

    Hotel Almira is located close to City Plaza, Market, Airport and Casino.


In June of 2008, they started the construction of Hotel Almira. Starting with only 8(eight) rooms, it became 10 after 6 months, and in less than a year, Hotel Almira has 15 rooms all fully booked almost everyday and still expanding. End of May 2010, Additional 5 rooms became available already for more guests, plus 3 more big rooms, before the end of the 2010. As of today, Hotel Almira has 30 rooms.

COVID-19 Response

Hotel Almira Elyu’s Management is taking every step we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our city, our guests, and our employees.

As we continue to remain vigilant and implement stringent measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the health of all our guests and colleagues remains, as always, our top priority.